On RED alert for customer service!

On RED alert for customer service!

Customer service is important, that’s a given.

But how does a company improve on its customer service?

At RED Systems, we take it seriously and why would we? Without our customers we wouldn’t be able to deliver the projects we do.

But getting their feedback on how we could make our service even better is important to us.

This is why, as part of National Customer Service Week, our managing director, Michael Green, and some of his management team have visited all four corners of the UK to meet up with our customers, see how the projects we have done are doing, see what we can improve on and feed this back to our team.

And when we say all four corners, we aren’t joking. The start of the week saw us in the north west, while other days see Mike and his team visit London, Wales, the north east and Scotland.

It’s a long week on the road but we firmly believe customer service shouldn’t just be celebrated in one week, it should be every week, 52 weeks of the year.

Visiting up to 10 customers a day will have its pitfalls (like dirty cars if you see our social media posts!) but getting that all important feedback and meeting up means keeping relationships between RED Systems and our customers strong.

Once all the travelling is complete and Mike and his team are safely back at RED HQ then the hard work continues.

We get to see what our customers are saying about us and work out how we can improve on the service and care we give our customers.

Actions will be set and targets will be met by all members of the team here at RED in a bid to improve the care we give the most important asset in our business – our customers.