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Commitment to the Building Safety Act

Under the oversight of the new regulator, the Building Safety Act sets forth essential regulations aimed at safeguarding residents in high-rise buildings. At our company, we take these regulations very seriously and are committed to upholding our obligations under this legislation.

  • Continuous Education: We are dedicated to continuously educating our team and work with trusted safety experts to enhance our knowledge and skills.
  • Investment in Competency: Our investment demonstrates our deep understanding and competency, ensuring that our role as a specialist in glazing and SFS not only meets but often exceeds safety standards.
  • Compliance and Safety: Our commitment extends to ensuring all our products, services, and delivery methods are safe and compliant with current regulations.

As the construction industry evolves to meet new safety standards, we actively adapt and integrate these changes:

  • Strong Partnerships: We strive to strengthen our relationships with clients and our supply chain to foster a collaborative approach to safety.
  • Promotion of Best Practices: Our efforts are aimed at promoting best practices and elevating safety standards throughout the sector.
  • Industry Commitment: We support well-designed regulations, such as the Building Safety Act, believing that a collective industry commitment to safety and competency is essential for protecting lives.

At RED, we are dedicated to actively contributing to the industry’s advancement by implementing and supporting measures that ensure the safety and well-being of all stakeholders. We are committed to being at the forefront of safety and compliance, setting an example for excellence in the construction industry.

Embracing the Building Safety Act's 'Golden Thread' Mandate

At RED, we prioritise safety by ensuring quality information is at the core of our operations. We fully endorse the Building Safety Act’s ‘Golden Thread’ mandate, which emphasises the creation, storage, and continuous updating of building information in digital format throughout the entire lifecycle of a building.

Key Initiatives:

  • Digital Transformation: We initiated our journey towards full digitisation in collaboration with our continuous improvement partners, RED Jam. Together, we have pioneered digital systems that enhance accuracy, accessibility, and transparency of building information.
  • Field View System Adaptation: To support our commitment to digital transformation, we have fully adapted the Field View system. This enables us to record, store, and manage data seamlessly throughout the construction process and beyond, ensuring information remains up-to-date and easily accessible.
  • Revolutionary QR Code Initiative: Our innovative QR code initiative revolutionises the way we handle building data. By implementing QR codes & permanent asset tags at various stages of construction, we facilitate efficient data recording, storage, and management, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Ahead of the Curve:

  • Proactive Digital Transformation: RED is at the forefront of digital transformation within the construction industry. Our proactive efforts to strengthen the ‘Golden Thread’ demonstrate our commitment to safety, transparency, and knowledge-sharing.

Learn More:

Click the link below to discover more about our digital transformation initiatives and how they contribute to enhancing safety and efficiency in construction.

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Health, Safety & Wellbeing

At RED, the health, safety, and wellbeing of our staff is our top priority. We take our responsibility as an employer very seriously.

We actively maintain a culture of open communication and employee involvement on health and safety issues. Our H&S committee encourages employees to participate in health and safety decisions.

We ensure our H&S policies and procedures are clear, fully implemented, and understood company wide. All employees and contractors are made aware of their obligations to maintain safe working conditions that meet or exceed all legislation.

Caring for mental health is as important as physical health and safety. We work with specialists to raise awareness and provide support. Our Mental Health First Aiders promote open dialogue with management to support our team’s emotional wellbeing.

We regularly offer mental health first aid training to all employees to break stigmas and foster understanding. By signing the Building Mental Health Charter, we gain access to resources that strengthen our mental health initiatives and address industry challenges.

Our team members at RED are our greatest asset and deserve our full commitment to their wellbeing. By working together to actively support health, safety and wellness, we build an environment where our people can thrive, and are happy, healthy, and safe – both physically and mentally.

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