Team RED awarded an extra paid day off in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Day on Saturday 10th October.


Protecting the health and well-being of our team has never been more important. With the country still in the grip of a global pandemic, many of us are facing unique and unfamiliar challenges. Uncertainty in the industry, quarantine and remote working can all add extra pressures to our already busy lives.


In these trying times we think it is even more important to prioritise mental health and support our team as much as we possibly can. With that in mind we have created our own ‘Mental Health Monday’ initiative. On Monday 5th October we have given our entire team an extra paid day off. By extending their weekend we hope our team manage to relax and enjoy some quality family time in recognition of their hard work and support in extremely trying circumstances.


RED Systems Managing Director Michael Green commented ‘The last six months has been difficult for everyone for lots of different reasons. None of us saw this coming or were prepared for the upset and change of circumstances it has bought.’


‘In recognition of the support we have had from each and every team member and to acknowledge what everyone has been through, we are  closing the company on Monday 5th October for the day so that all staff can enjoy an extra day off. We hope this gesture reinforces just how much we appreciate the team’s commitment and I hope they all enjoy their extended break.’

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