Aluminium Windows & Curtain Walling

Aluminium Windows: Our aluminium windows are available in a variety of configurations, including thermally broken and energy-efficient options. Designed for both functionality and visual appeal, these windows can be customised in styles such as casement, tilt-turn, and steel look-alike to perfectly match the specifications of your project.

Curtain Walling: We provide several curtain walling systems, to suit different structural, thermal, acoustic, and design requirements. Each system offers flexibility and efficiency during installation, ensuring seamless integration with the building’s aesthetic and performance needs.

Our window & curtain walling product offer includes but is not limited to: 

  • Aluminium Windows and Doors (Commercial and Residential)
  • Capped Curtain Walling Systems
  • Capless (Toggle/Silicone pointed) Curtain Walling Systems
  • Passivhaus Glazing Systems
  • Shop Front Glazing
  • Integrated Louvre Systems
  • Bi-folding & Sliding Doors
  • Bespoke Metal Work 

Service and Solutions: Beyond our products, RED Systems is committed to Service Delivery Excellence. This principle is ingrained in our culture and influences every interaction with our clients. We aim to build lasting relationships with partners who appreciate our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding their expectations with every project.

Driven by a passion for superior systems and products, we are equally dedicated to the service and solutions that support our offerings. Our approach ensures that we deliver exceptional results, creating lasting partnerships based on reliability, trust, and mutual success.

Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers is distinguished by its innovative design solutions and engineered performance, consistently meeting the exacting standards of architects worldwide. Known for their capacity to create bespoke solutions for diverse applications, Reynaers is a staple in the design of many iconic buildings globally. Their premium aluminium glazing products are the go-to choice for projects demanding the utmost in comfort, security, architectural integrity, and energy efficiency, without compromise. Explore more about their transformative offerings at Reynaers.

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Technal, a prominent brand under Hydro, stands as a global leader in the building systems sector. Renowned for developing innovative and sustainable aluminum façade systems, Technal combines extensive Research & Development capabilities with a worldwide presence to deliver state-of-the-art architectural solutions. With a track record spanning over 30 years in the UK, Technal has earned an unmatched reputation for its creative and award-winning design solutions. Their window and curtain walling systems are pivotal in crafting customised façades for a diverse range of sectors. Discover more about Technal’s visionary projects and robust product offerings at Technal.

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Senior Architectural Systems

Senior Architectural Systems (SAS) has collaborated with RED on numerous landmark projects, demonstrating their capability to offer a diverse array of products and systems that meet various quality standards, performance specifications, and budgetary needs. Known for their agility, SAS rapidly responds to market demands and innovates new products efficiently. With an in-house painting facility, SAS maintains tight control over product quality, ensuring excellence in every component they produce. Explore the extensive range of options SAS provides by visiting Senior Architectural Systems.

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Metal Technology

Metal Technology stands as a foremost provider of top-tier, innovative, and sustainable architectural aluminum solutions, including windows, doors, curtain walling, and solar shading. With a strong commitment to meeting environmental requirements, Metal Technology focuses on developing products that minimise ecological impact while maximising insulation, thermal performance, and the use of sustainable materials. Their cutting-edge design technology equips architects and designers with the flexibility to craft striking façades without compromising on performance standards. Particularly noteworthy are their leading products designed for Passivhaus projects, which exemplify the fusion of aesthetic appeal with the ultimate in energy efficiency. Discover more about Metal Technology’s comprehensive product offerings by visiting Metal Technology.

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