Influencing Change Through Innovation

At RED Systems, our dedication to off-site construction and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) transcends the typical project-by-project approach. We firmly believe that offering a comprehensive building envelope solution provides unparalleled value to our diverse client base across various sectors. To solidify this commitment, we have established a pioneering collaboration with leading market PCC provider – FP McCann Ltd. This collaboration drives innovation in off-site construction and MMC, equipping our clients with cutting-edge, efficient solutions.

Off-site Construction Solutions: Our off-site construction solutions complement our entire product range by integrating window installation into pre-cast concrete panels within a controlled factory setting. This method not only boosts precision but also significantly cuts waste and on-site construction time, enhancing both project efficiency and quality.

Service and Solutions: Beyond our innovative products, RED Systems is devoted to delivering Service Excellence. This commitment permeates our company culture and influences every client interaction. Our goal is to forge enduring relationships with partners who value our relentless pursuit of excellence in every project.

Driven by a passion for superior systems and innovative solutions, we are dedicated to providing services that support and enhance these offerings. Our approach ensures outstanding outcomes, fostering long-term partnerships built on reliability, trust, and mutual success.

Pre-Cast Concrete Solutions

FP McCann is the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete solutions. They are committed to high quality, cost-effective and sustainable solutions tailored to meet clients’ requirements. With 13 manufacturing facilities spread around the whole of the UK & Ireland, the FP McCann team have worked on a vast range of DfMA projects across a variety of sectors.

Specialist Envelope Contractor

One of the UK’s leading envelope contractors, Longworth offer a complete turnkey service of design, installation and project management. Over the years, they have become renowned for being an industry innovator. Building on their established reputation for being master craftsmen in the use of traditional metal products such as zinc, copper and stainless steel, they have now extended their skills and expertise to cover the whole of the external building envelope.

Light Gauge Steel Frame

Sigmat, now Remagin, part of Etex Group, are the UK market-leader in cold rolled steel components and panelised structural steel frames, designed, detailed, manufactured, assembled and installed nationwide. Working alongside the Sigmat team, we are developing leading-edge solutions in pre-glazed LGSF technology.

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