Steel Framing Systems (SFS): Our SFS solutions offer a robust and versatile framework suitable for a variety of building types. These systems are designed for quick assembly and durability, providing a cost-effective and reliable method for constructing load-bearing walls and light steel structural applications.

In collaboration with our sister company, RED Optimal, we have pioneered a groundbreaking approach in the installation of Steel Framing System (SFS) schemes. Our innovative ‘Rapid Dry Envelope’ solution integrates the design and interface elements seamlessly, allowing for simultaneous installation of windows and the SFS. This method not only optimises workflow but also enhances project delivery by ensuring a dry internal environment significantly earlier than traditional construction techniques allow.

Key Benefits of the ‘Rapid Dry Envelope’ Solution:

  • Seamless Project Delivery: Our integrated approach streamlines construction processes, facilitating smoother transitions and faster completion.
  • Time Efficiency: The concurrent installation of windows with the SFS drastically cuts down on-site time, accelerating the overall construction timeline.
  • Reduced Labour Needs: By simplifying construction processes and reducing the number of separate phases, our approach decreases the total labour required, leading to lower manpower costs.
  • Cost Reduction: Our method minimises traditional risks associated with construction projects and reduces overall build costs by streamlining operations and reducing time on site.
  • Increased Program Efficiency: Working with forward-thinking partners, this approach not only reduces the logistical complexity but also enhances the efficiency of the entire construction program.
  • £10m PI Cover: Unlike many dry-lining and internal partitions sub-contractors who often carry minimal or no Public Indemnity Insurance, RED Systems provides a significant advantage. By consolidating the supply and installation of Steel Framing Systems (SFS) and windows into a single contract, we offer an extensive £10 million Public Indemnity (PI) cover. This comprehensive coverage substantially mitigates the main contractor’s risk, ensuring greater protection and peace of mind throughout the duration of the project.

Through this advanced ‘Rapid Dry Envelope’ method, we are committed to delivering superior value by minimising risks, reducing costs, and improving the efficiency of construction projects for our clients, ensuring they benefit from a faster, cost-effective, and efficient building process.

Service and Solutions: Beyond our products, RED Systems is committed to Service Delivery Excellence. This principle is ingrained in our culture and influences every interaction with our clients. We aim to build lasting relationships with partners who appreciate our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding their expectations with every project.

Driven by a passion for superior systems and products, we are equally dedicated to the service and solutions that support our offerings. Our approach ensures that we deliver exceptional results, creating lasting partnerships based on reliability, trust, and mutual success.

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