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We offer Structural Glazing, Rooflights, Atria, Aluminium Windows and Curtain Walling. Whilst we offer these products on a ‘stand-alone’ basis when our clients have been able to combine packages and use our services as a ‘one stop shop’ their feedback has been unanimous that having one supplier, one contract, has resulted in far less administration, reducing their overhead significantly. In some cases, it has proved to have saved up to a week’s worth of administration.


Due to the mix of products and systems that we are able to offer, you can be sure that whatever the project specification or performance criteria we will meet the requirements. What really sets RED apart is not the product that goes into a building aperture but how it goes in – the reason that we ‘Are More Than A Glazing Company’ is that our assurance of quality is based on a several factors.


    1)  Pre-Construction – this service ensures that design and logistic solutions can be ironed out during the

    tender process. This means that getting into contract and undertaking the work is a much more streamlined

    process and takes much of the stress out of the job for all parties.


    2)  Manufacturing Agility – as you will see from our ‘Production & Procurement’ section, whilst we could easily

    fill our own manufacturing plant several times over, at RED we took a strategic decision to outsource our

    manufacture. This ensures that premium quality is realised – we can concentrate 100% on service delivery

    excellence, whilst our carefully selected partners adhere to our codes of practice and give their full attention

    to their fabrication specialism. More importantly to our clients it provides the flexibility to increase or decrease

    manufacturing output throughout a project lifecycle.


    3)  Service Delivery Excellence – when RED’s Managing Director established the company, being from a Main

    Contracting background, at the centre of the company’s guiding principles was to make the Main Contractor’s

    journey with RED a trouble-free experience. We are clear and transparent from the very start; we include

    everything necessary to undertake our works; the way we install, protect and handover our sub-contract

    works is done to the highest of standards. This is so that we get the chance of 'Creating Lifetime Customers

    Through Service Delivery Excellence.'  


    4)  Continuous Improvement – we never stand still. We want to improve and to see progression with both

    the company and the people within the business. This means that we are fit to compete, always at the

    forefront of new technologies, innovations and industry developments. This philosophy is also something we

    are eager to share with our customers – further information can be found on our ‘Continuous Improvement’



Please view our pages regarding Structural Glazing, Rooflights & Atria, and Aluminium Windows & Curtain Walling for more details on our product range.


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