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Rooflights & Atria

Sat within our ‘specialist glazing’ division, our Rooflights & Atria product offer includes but is not limited to:

  • Modular Rooflights (Double & Triple Glazed)
  • Flat Skylights and Walk-on Rooflights
  • Patent Glazing Systems
  •  Frameless Rooflight Systems
  • EN12101 Smoke Vent Solutions
  • Non-Fragile Rooflight Systems

As well as offering solutions from the above list, RED Systems offers a range of bespoke solutions; we pride ourselves in doing what others other can’t, and at an affordable price.


As early as 2009, RED recognised that purpose-made rooflight products provided the best solution for slope-glazed applications. Whilst some curtain wall systems have been adapted to work on a slope, to fully eliminate any potential water ingress risks, it has been RED’s policy to use fully tested rooflight systems such as Vitral’s A74, A78 and VELUX Modular. This means that our customers can be sure that once the rooflights are handed over, any call backs due to leaks and poor installation will not be required.   


Here is information about one of our key partners – Velux Commercial:


VELUX Commercial

After using Vitral for over 10 years, we were delighted when in October 2018 Vitral was taken over by VELUX Commercial, this acquisition gave the Vitral products the recognition they deserved – RED have long been shouting from the ‘rooftops’ about Vitral’s merits in terms of performance when compared to curtain walling systems used in rooflight applications and in terms of efficiencies on site.

The systems are fully gasketed, hence not reliant on silicone for a superior performance.

The modular, prefabricated skylights from VELUX Commercial enable fast installation and make it easy to create larger daylit spaces like atriums, narrow corridors, internal courts, studios, large circulation spaces.

Further information is available at and

Principle Systems: Vitral A74  - Vitral Skyvision

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