Production & Procurement

The integrity of our production process is the foundation to our business model, ensuring we consistently achieve high performance and timely delivery of projects. To further enhance our capabilities, in 2021 we expanded our operations to include our own manufacturing facility—RED Open.

RED Open boosts our capacity to fabricate a portion of our products locally. This strategic move not only helps in keeping costs manageable but also ensures that project timelines are adhered to effectively. Our commitment to quality is underscored by our adherence to quality management systems and our compliance with enhanced product security guidelines, enabling us to maintain stringent quality control throughout our supply chain. This meticulous oversight ensures that our projects are delivered on time, within budget, and without any unexpected supply chain disruptions.

Our unique supply chain model offers significant advantages to our clients:

  • Increased Agility and Lower Overheads: RED operates with greater flexibility and reduced fixed costs, allowing us to focus on high-quality rather than high-volume, low-quality work.
  • Reduced Risk Exposure: We avoid the pitfalls associated with lower quality projects, including the disruptive or potentially catastrophic consequences of problematic projects infiltrating our system.
  • Enhanced Production Flexibility: RED leverages multiple fabrication partners to scale production swiftly, aligning closely with our clients’ objectives.
  • Simultaneous Project Fabrication: Our ability to engage different fabricators allows us to handle multiple projects concurrently, ensuring that securing new work doesn’t compromise existing commitments.

Through these strategic initiatives, RED is better equipped to support the dynamic needs of our clients, delivering complex projects with precision and efficiency.

To discover the RED difference, contact our team, we’d love to hear from you.