For over two decades, RED Systems has been at the forefront of building sustainable communities and neighbourhoods. Our approach to sustainability encompasses every aspect of our operations—from the materials we use to our onsite activities, waste management strategies, and internal business practices. We are keenly aware of our industry’s environmental impact and are dedicated to minimising the footprint of the built environment.

Proactive Sustainability Initiatives
  • Roadmap to Net-Zero: We are committed to ambitious targets over the next five years to navigate our path to net zero, integrating sustainable practices across all facets of our business.


  • Embracing Local Production: Recent heavy investments in our factory facilities have allowed us to fabricate a significant percentage of our products locally. This strategy enhances our supply chain agility, reduces transport, closely manages costs and timing, and minimises onsite delays.


  • Collaboration is Key: We believe in the power of partnership and open dialogue. By working with like-minded partners and fostering a collaborative culture within our team, we ensure that every sustainability initiative is heard and valued.

  • RED Goes Green: Our daily operations are deeply integrated with sustainable practices, including in-office recycling, paperless working environments, stringent reduction of construction waste, and promoting green transport—75% of our fleet is now electric.


  • Embracing a Sustainable Supply Chain: Our commitment extends to working with innovative partners who are leaders in sustainability, ensuring that best practices are standard throughout our operations.
Innovative Materials: Hydro CIRCAL 75R

A highlight of our sustainability journey is the adoption of Technal’s revolutionary product, Hydro CIRCAL 75R. This recycled, prime-quality aluminium is crafted by repurposing old windows, doors, and façades at the end of their life cycle. This process significantly reduces mineral extraction, cuts down on emissions, lowers energy consumption during production, and decreases CO2 emissions, making it a superior alternative to primary aluminium. Hydro CIRCAL 75R not only supports the circular economy but also offers an eco-friendlier option for our projects.

For more information about how RED Systems and Technal are pioneering sustainable practices, please visit: Hydro CIRCAL 75R.

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